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Listed Below You Will Find Various Projects in the Form of
Interactive Web Applications, Videos, PDF Documents, and Photos
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  • 165 Years of Motion – Visualization of Solar System
  • Lake Simulator in the Browser with WebGL
  • HTML5 Awesomenauts Talker with Record and Playback!
  • Real-Time FAA WAAS & NSTB Receiver Monitoring and Analysis Tool
  • Water Droplet Splashing in Varying Gravitational Fields
  • Breaking of a Dam Simulations
  • 2D Orbit Simulator in the Browser
  • Newton-Raphson method analysis with simple GPS approximation visualized in MATLAB
  • Error analysis of 9 ODE solvers applied to Newtonian Gravity
  • Agent Based Simulation with Analysis in the Browser
  • Regional Tweet Searching
  • Algorithm for determining even workloads among any number of nodes for computing a mesh which interacts between cells.
  • Fluid dispersion simulation implemented in C with MPI & CUDA.
    Results visualized in ParaView.
  • Fluid Advection-Diffusion Simulator in the Browser
  • Lake Model Interactive Analysis Graphs
  • Additional projects, areas I have explored, etc.
    • Interactive agent based simulation for Android with agent separation, alignment, cohesion, drag, and device tilt factors.
    • Hadoop Cluster Configurations & Map/Reduce Applications.
    • FAA NextGEN Supercomputing Event Detection C MPI/CUDA Research
    • Monte Carlo method optimized with C MPI/CUDA.
    • Trajectory analysis with MATLAB Ode45.
    • Implementing methods to find zero points of functions.
    • Proprietary web-based version control and documentation application with automated web page generation.

Current Project

Currently I am involved in creating an application to ultimately aid biologists in determining optimized parameters to perform accurate stream metabolism simulations.  The application is being prototyped using Python, PyQT, and NumPy where the final version will be implemented as an HTML5 web application.   See below for screenshots of the early “Parameter Optimizer”  application and additional information on the idea for the final application.

  • PyQT Parameter Optimizer featuring an upwinding integrator optimized with NumPy
  • HTML5 Stream Metabolism Simulator Plan and Description

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