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2D Orbit Simulation

2D Orbital Simulation

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Using Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation: F = G * ( M * m ) / d^2

  • F – Force of Attraction
  • G – Gravitational Constant
  • M – Mass of Earth
  • m – Mass of Satellite
  • d – Distance between satellite and geocenter of Earth
I have put together a simple CANVAS simulation which attempts to provide a user with the ability to model how a satellite may orbit a planet:
  • The user can click anywhere on the canvas and a satellite will begin to move using the initial velocities and mass set on the Satellite parameters control.
  • For each cycle the force of gravity will be calculated and applied to the satellite.
  • Adjusting the Earth Mass slider will change the Mass of the Earth as you slide the control.
  • The colors of the tail are determined by comparing the speed at a point against your initial speed. ¬†Faster points are colored red, slower points are colored blue, and points close to the initial speed are colored yellow.
The software as it is now has several notable limitations:
  • Only tested in Firefox and Chrome
  • Performing calculations in only 2 Dimensions
  • Force is only being calculated between each satellite and the center of the Earth
  • No collision detection has been implemented between the satellites
  • Not accounting for many other forces which may impact a satellite orbiting a planet
Possible future endeavors may include:
  • Adjust the coloring of the satellite tails to be a gradient based on the absolute speeds
  • Remove the ends of tails after they have reached a certain length
  • Use real units of measurement for the display
  • Provide a zoom/scaling feature – Implementing something which converts those units to pixels
  • Provide a reference for distance – like a radial grid
Any comments or feedback is certainly welcome!