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WebGL Lake Simulation


This numerical simulation explores how Zooplankton and Algae populations are impacted by a variety of factors describing the conditions of a lake. Also examined is the oxygen concentration and amount of organic carbon present within the lake.

The user is able to modify oxygen, light, temperature, wind speed, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other simulation factors to observe different scenarios.

The application also serves as an experiment with Three.JS, Flot, and running numerical simulations entirely in JavaScript.

The complete source for the application is unminified in a single file and available:
Source Code

A list of the simulation parameters has been provided below:

(Hovering over the parameter labels in the display will also show this information)
Gmax (day) Max Algae Growth Rate at Optimal Light & Nutrients per Day
T (C) Temperature of Lake
f CONSTANT Used in Determining Light
Ke (m^-1) Light Extinction Coefficient
H (m) Lake Depth
Ia (Ly/day) Maximum Light Intensity per Day
Is (Ly/day) Saturating Light Intensity per Day
N (µg/L) Nitrogen Concentration
KmN (µg/L) Nitrogen Half-Saturation Constant
P (µg/L) Phosphorus Concentration
KmP (µg/L) Phosphorus Half-Saturation Constant
uR Algae Endogenous Respiration CONSTANT
Cg Grazing Rate per Unit Mass of Zooplankton
Dz Death Rate of Zooplankton
k (day) Organic Carbon Growth CONSTANT
rog Complex Organic Molecule
u (m/s) Wind Speed
A (µgChl/L) Initial Algae Population
Z (mgC/L) Initial Zooplankton Population
OC (mgOC/L) Initial Organic Carbon
O (mgDO/L) Initial Dissolved Oxygen
days (day) Days to Simulate

Thanks Ronimo! :D

Yesterday Ronimo featured the Awesomenaut Talker on their Facebook Page and their Awesomenaut forums!

A direct link to the discussion threads can be found: Here at Facebook and Here at Ronimo

Check out the HTML5 soundboard: here

The source code for the project can be found: here

To me, the interesting part of this application was testing the feasibility of cross-browser HTML5 Audio with a Flash fallback in an application where the sounds were event triggered and timing would matter ( for the recordings ). I found that latency certainly is present, depending on the browser it can be worse than in others, but it’s pretty much always there.

So for the time being I am not going to consider developing games with audio using pure HTML5 elements, or Flash’s external JavaScript hooks.